The first dance of the rest of your life.
We've got your back.

Because everyone should experience unbridled happiness on the dance floor, at least once in their lives.

Our first priority, always, is to get to know you. We learn about your wedding vision and hear about the music you love. We never ever forget that it's your party. (And yes, you can cry if you want to. You know, tears of joy.)

You'll always be treated as our most valued client, and our customized approach is the best insurance you have that the entertainment on your wedding day will speak to you, your family, and your guests. Party-of-the-year, here we come!

Hey, don't take our word for it.

Here's what our clients say…

"The highlight of the reception!... Chris himself is the perfect balance of light hearted, flexible and relaxed yet professional, confident and efficient...Everything was perfectly smooth and no detail was forgotten!"

Michelle & Matt, Evanston, IL

"My now-husband and I agreed: the band we chose would make or break our wedding reception. Lucky for us, we hired the Chris Sarlas Orchestra!"

Laura & Matt, Chicago, IL

"Chris posts video on YouTube, Facebook and on his website of actual weddings and dates that his band plays. No studio videos/recordings. You really get a good idea of how they'll sound at your wedding. This takes guts on his part, and to us, it made the difference. "

Melissa & Pete, Chicago, IL

"Sarlas delivered!! What did not go unnoticed was his understated approach- he knows that HE is NOT the show for the is about the bride, the groom and the guests. So, no ego, no showmanship, just performances to please the crowd."

David S, Redondo Beach, CA

"Chris is a true professional who knows how to make a wedding reception flow beautifully and it shows. He worked hard to understand what was important to us and our vision for the evening and he made it a reality. Thanks Chris!"

Clementina & Greg, Chicago, IL

"If you are considering Chris Sarlas Orchestra, do yourself a favor and sign the contract now. We promise it will be one of the best decisions you make for your special day!"

Ashley & Jimmy, Chicago, IL

"The best part about working with Chris is his incredible respect and patience for the customer. He gave much more of himself than you would expect from a bandleader - he kept me sane. We are so grateful!"

Melissa B, Chicago, IL

"The whole planning process was very smooth. I tend to be a perfectionist and freak out about everything. Chris was there to calm me down and let me know everything would be okay...This is what Chris does as a business. He knows the timing of everything down to a 't'. We told him the songs we wanted and didn't want to hear and he did the rest!"

Melissa D, Burr Ridge, IL

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