Sometimes you just need a human jukebox.
And a shredding guitar.

When old school tunes have top billing on your priority list, and you want the quality and responsiveness the Sarlas Music team is known for, The Tom Christie Band delivers the best of both worlds.

Tom's favorite party trick? "Name a tune, any tune, and I'll play it."
Just try and trip him up. It hasn't been done yet. And if you succeed, the next round of drinks is on us.
Having this kind of muscle at your disposal is at the heart of the Sarlas experience. You know you want to party hard, and you want a band that's just, well, gritty. Exciting.
So, go ahead: fall in love. Have fun. And that shredding guitar thing? GET IT.

All right guys, this is LIVE video.
We keep it real because nothing is more important than your peace of mind.

Juke Box Vox

This is Tom. He's a human jukebox. Name almost any song and Tom will jump in, enthusiastically singing and playing guitar. Tom Logan is Chicago’s most coveted guitarist for recording sessions, theatre work and the most exciting celebrations. Hundreds of commercial spots and performances to sold out crowds with the legendary Ray Charles and singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins are just a few in the sea of highlights of his career.

Christie. With boundless energy, a vivacious personality, and an extraordinary voice, Christy Ogilvie sings and you smile. That's just the way it works. Christy’s irresistible exuberance, dynamic vocals, and outgoing disposition brings guests to the dance floor and keeps them there! Remember... she sings and you smile. It's as simple as that.

Charles's favorite quote says it all: "Without music, life would be a mistake." Charles Hammond, Jr. has a faith and love in music that captivates all who listen to him sing. He believes that music is a vital element to being alive, and his ability to bring music to life makes him an invaluable member of Tom Christie’s front line. Stevie Wonder, Usher, Al Green and Bruno Mars are a few influences that fuel Charles' passion. Make no mistake, his performances electrify every audience, every single time!

Maggie. There's a powerhouse in the house. Maggie Bynum's masterful voice has the sultry color of Sarah Vaughan, the smoky richness of Cassandra Wilson, the finesse and ease of Sade, the power and ferocity of Mary J. Blige, and the attitude of Rihanna. From the breathiest, sweetest note to a powerhouse finish, Maggie's style is uniquely her own, possessing the distinct ability to set each and every performance ablaze with breathtaking excitement. This girl can SING, and she will keep your party dancing all night long!

Judah. Innovative vocalist Judah Bridges is as comfortable singing the current hits of Bruno Mars as he is the classic tunes of Michael Jackson. With infectious energy and a captivating personality, his performances bring joy to those around him and energize the party. Although Judah's roots are planted solidly in the gospel tradition, his diversity shines whether he's singing the most beautiful John Legend tune or rapping some Pitbull. And, he's got a killer hat collection. Love it!

Hear the band.

Yep, it's live. All of it.
Because the band on your wedding day doesn't get a second chance. You need one that gets it right the first time.

Download the Tom Christie Band songlist (PDF)

Are you ready to feel like you just won the entertainment lottery?

Here's what our clients say…

"I have always felt you can tell how fun a party is by how much dancing there is and with this bands help our wedding just might have been the best party ever!"

Brianna, Madison, WI

"Every time you thought the band would not be able to follow up a great song, they had another to keep the party going!"

Brett, Chicago, IL

"This is a truly phenomenal band! I think they may be a little hidden gem right now, but I would jump on the chance to work with them."

Jamie, Chicago, IL

"All I can say is 'wow!' This band is amazing and entertaining. People were dancing all night long and couldn't stop talking about how fantastic the music was."

Elizabeth, Arlington Heights, IL

"Tom Christie played at my daughters wedding with 260 guests. Weeks later everyone is still talking about the band! Every member of the band was extremely professional including the sound technicians. Having music in my background made this even more of a wonderful experience! Thank you! "

Frank, Lake Forest, IL

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